Australian YouTube Beauty Vlogger Chloe Morello

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Chloe Morello is back with her yearly Eid tutorials Chloe is a renowned Australian beauty vlogger, who has over 1.7 Million Subscribers, like every year this year being no different she posted her Eid tutorial for her Muslim audience and she has beautiful message.

In 2016, Morello’s makeup tutorial sparked controversy, during her Eid Inspired Tutorial, whilst many appreciated and praised her vlog Chloe Morello wore a Hijab, rather a headscarf for literally 20 seconds – and she was veiled in controversy!

At the end of the Eid Tutorial – Chloe Morello sported a Headscarf

“I need us to all look at one another as the same, we’re all flesh, we’re all blood and that’s why I do these Eid videos”

Chloe Morello

Chloe talks about reuniting the female community and sister hood. The differences in us of how we look and dress can often separate us or make us feel separate.

Wearing a headscarf in public can realistically be assumed to be a piece of clothing which has become a powerful indicator of identity. Growing up in the western countries can be very difficult for the Muslim women, facing the negative social attitudes and perceptions about Islam and with the risk of being harassed, attacked due to the fact islamophobia is still so very high in the society

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